VDU Workstation Assessments

Safety and Injury Prevention Solutions Ltd. (SIPS) undertakes VDU workstation assessments on a regular basis for many of our clients. The assessments involve a qualified Occupational Health Consultant visiting your workplace and spending approximately 20-30 minutes with each individual being assessed.

The consultant will:

  • Assess and identify ergonomics of the workstation
  • Make any adjustments to the workstations that are needed, to ensure the individual is set up ergonomically. (For example, this may involve the monitor being raised, the chair being lowered, etc).
  • Give instruction on correct typing, mouse and work techniques.
  • Identify any areas of pain / discomfort they may be experiencing due to the use of their workstation. If any pain / discomfort were identified, then treatment would be recommended.
  • Give instruction on exercises, and ways to prevent Occupational Overuse Syndrome.
  • Provide follow up care where necessary.

Following this visit, a full written report of the assessments would be sent to the Manager / Supervisor. This would contain details of what took place at the time of assessment, and any further recommendations.