Pre-Employment Medicals

PEMs need to be carried out to ensure that you have a base-line recording of employee's health status at the time they were employed. Having this base-line means it is then possible to properly monitor the employees health in relation to the hazards that they are exposed to at work*. (eg. Has their health deteriorated since working for you?) It also ensures that you as their employer, are not held responsible for any pre-existing medical condition that the employee already has.

  • Appointments for PEMs are arranged at a time that is convenient for you. Because these often need to take place urgently, they are taken as priority bookings, and time slots can usually be fitted in within 1-5 day's time of you notifying us that you need a PEM completed.
  • One of our qualified Occupational Health Consultants will come to your workplace to carry these out.
  • Candidates undergo a physical examination to assess if they are physically capable of carrying out the duties involved in the position.
  • Candidates then undergo the following health tests to assess their general health:
    • Lung Function Tests
    • Skin examination
    • Audiometry (hearing) test, and ear examination
    • Vision test
    • Blood Pressure
  • At this time the candidate is also asked to fill out a questionnaire sheet, where they are asked to declare any current illness or injury. The purpose of this is to ensure that the employer will not be wrongly held responsible for any pre-existing condition that the prospective employee is suffering from.