Hazardous Substances Training

Jan Thomas is a Hazardous Substance Advisor and as such is well qualified to run the following Training Session on Hazardous Substances. Each session includes a Power Point Presentation (or can be presented on overheads) hand out and video and also allows time for questions and help with any specific needs of individuals.

Hazardous Substance Training - Overview

  1. What are Hazardous Substances?
  2. How they can effect your health
  3. Safety Rules
  4. Personal Protective Equipment
  5. Unknown Substances
  6. Storing Hazardous Substances
  7. What to do in an Emergency
  8. How to handle Spills

All participants are given handout notes and certificates upon completion.

The Presentation is designed for a general audience, so that it will be helpful for people who work in many different environments or if you require a specific education or a specific chemical this can also be done.